Villa Felicity

$ 780 000
Shchaslyva street, Dmytrivka, Kyiv Oblast

What does happiness look like?

Tangible, real, sparkling with sunshine and enveloping in comfort?

In the early morning, happiness meets with soft sunlight penetrating through transparent glass. The rays sparkle with iridescent flashes. As in childhood: you close your eyes, and through your eyelashes you see a rainbow. And here, at Villa Felicity, instead of eyelashes into the eyes of the house, a rainbow looks through the tall crowns of a century-old forest. The rainbow is always happy. Here, happiness is good, comfortable, and it has settled for a long time.

By a lucky coincidence, Villa Felicity’s address is Happy Street. Quiet and calm, without the bustle of the metropolis, surrounded by respectable neighbors and home comfort of a prosperous country life.

Here, on the wide area of the main staircase, it is cozy to drink coffee and crunch croissants after a light jog. And then smoothly, slowly, savoring every moment, walk along the snow-white pebbles and plunge into the transparent freshness of the spacious pool.

It is good here in nature to hide for a short while from all the household in a coconut chair. Dream. Come up with a new startup. Search the night sky for the chains of companions of another dreamer. Meditate on a soft lawn with lush grass. Inhale clean air filtered by millions of leaves. And inadvertently fall asleep to the quiet chirping of free birds. Serene. Carefree. Happily.

Happiness is never redundant and unwieldy. It is always the size of its owner. There are as many bedrooms as the family and guests need. It hasn’t forgotten about the gym and garage, kitchen and dressing rooms. And bay windows to enjoy panoramic views in any weather. And verandas for tea parties and lazy flipping through albums. And weightless balustrades of the stairs, so as not to block the perspective and feel the spaciousness of the cool hall.

Villa Felicity is ready to wake up. In the dining corner, a chandelier above an oval table, surrounded by soft armchairs and chairs, is already sparkling with diamond sparks. A little further, wide sofas lurked in ambush overlooking the fireplace and home theater. Bedside tables await the rustle of pages, and soft mattresses of beds await the quiet breath of sleeping owners.

Happy owners. With your cozy happiness. Villa Felicity on Schastlivaya street.

Total area:

511 m²

Kitchen area:












Dressing rooms:


Parking spaces:






Plot area:


"Неизмеримы глубины низости, до которых может пасть глупец"

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