Sky sails

$ 630 000
Raisa Okipnaya, 18

Weightlessness. You feel it in a dream, on the waves of the sea, in cosmic distances.

And here – materialized, tangible, airy. Weightless.

Miami? Vancouver? Melbourne? Monaco? From the first steps it is difficult to understand which part of the world you are in.

Behind is a daring blue and white building hovering on a stylobate with flowing bionic design. Club house with respectable residents: premium concierge service, silent elevators, lobby in each of the seven sections, guest parking for 100 cars, central air conditioning, 24-hour access control.

On the left is a cozy, rustic River Lodge restaurant, tables on the lower terrace, a playground with a sailboat, a bridge over a decorative stream, a white sand beach. Well-groomed lawns, benches under tall trees.

On the right – photo zones, a squat building of a unique children’s sailing school sheathed with a deck board, a quiet green park.

Ahead are slender rows of masts, the pride of the Riviera Riverside Yacht Club. Elegant yachts are safely sheltered in a quiet channel of the Dnieper.

Resort paradise in the very heart of Kyiv. From the panoramic windows, the Motherland and the golden domes of the Lavra are clearly visible. On both sides of the cozy complex near the Dnieper there are bridges to Rusanovka and the Right Bank. It is easy to breathe here: the freshness of the river mixes with the aromas of the forest, the wide ledge of the Hydropark reliably protects from the capital’s smog.

Sky Sails Apartments maintain a relaxed atmosphere. No unnecessary details, ergonomics, elegant Scandinavian design. Soaring ceilings, transparent partitions, furniture raised above the floor: everything here seems to be in zero gravity – light, airy, ethereal.

The color palette is impeccable in its laconicism – noble shades of pearls, muted halftones of gold, soft woody notes, chocolate transparency of glass panels.

Sky Sails space transforms, changes at your request:

  • behind a curtain – a stunning panoramic view;
  • two steps – and you are on the open terrace;
  • light touch – and the wardrobe and kitchen open behind the glass panels;
  • doors merge with walls;
  • an openwork partition delicately separates the relaxation zone;
  • the entrance portal loses its massiveness in a huge mirror.

Sky Sails is a place to live in the moment. It’s nice to wake up in a hot summer in a cool bedroom, splash under a tropical shower, cook breakfast on the kitchen island, chat at a round table and admire the landscape: the river, the green sea of the Hydropark, the gold of the domes. And in the evening, when night falls on the river, relax on the terrace under the flickering lights of the skyscrapers of Pechersk.

Sky Sails is an ideal relaxation for everyone who knows no boundaries, who values the path as well as the goal, who considers themselves a citizen of the world. Cosy. Safe. Weightless.

Total area:

120 m²

Kitchen area:

53 m²











Dressing rooms:


Parking spaces:






Plot area: