Belle Penthouse

$ 1 000 000
Shchorsa, 32B

What is it like to live under the sky in the center of the capital?

Overlooking the gold of the Lavra Bell Tower?

Down there – vanity, drive and energy of an eternally young city, politics, business, salons, fitness rooms, restaurants. Here, under the sky – its own world, its own empire, its own rules. Here even time flows differently – smoothly, measuredly, unhurriedly, savoring every fraction of a second spent outside the rhythm of a big city.

The world of Belle Époque comes to life here: weightless, quivering, carefree, filled with optimism and faith in happiness. Here you feel like a child who can do anything.

Wake up from the slanting ray of the gentle sun. Above – only the sky and birds. This is the beauty of a penthouse – a cozy house soars above the capital, enjoying freedom and endless space.

Run barefoot past the semicircular wall of the nursery. It is imperceptible for everyone to tell fortunes on the flowers that tightly fit the walls. Look into the second room, sit on the sofa under the sloping roof, planning a wonderful new day without haste.

Enter the spacious bathroom, where there is a massage table behind a partition by the window. For a couple of seconds, choose between a shower and a bath, and plunge into the jacuzzi: let the whole world wait. Matte gilding of taps, lamps and mirror frames sets off the whiteness of the walls, makes the space as light as a cloud.

Dive into the dressing room, as if into a salt cave: the white background sets off the palette of fabrics, enhances the play of colors, teases with its emptyness. Take your time to come up with an image, enjoying the freshness of clean air.

Take your time to walk along the graceful balustrade of the stairs to the first floor – from the private, personal world to the world slightly open to communication, plans, and creativity.

Go to the kitchen, pass the island with massive chairs. Admire the awakened city through the window. Breathe in the scent of Oolong, look at the TV … and leave the news for later. Enjoy delicious food, the flavors of a new day and a conversation with your family.

Look into the living room with a majestic chandelier, reflect dozens of times in the glass wall behind the cabinets with your favorite collection. Carefully run your hands over the brushes of silk curtains and turn on light music: the living room is created for sounds, rhythms, new acquaintances and fun friendly parties.

Make the sound a little quieter and look into the office for a while. The strict stripes of wallpaper echo the gilding of the spines of the folios on the shelves of the substantial cabinets. On a huge screen – business news, on the low mezzanines, awards and travel memories. It is enough to open huge doors and music destroys business tensions. You are at home, under the sky of the capital. There are only clouds above you.

It is cozy, calm and joyful here. The bells of the great Lavra are heard and the neighbors are not heard. In the evenings, Kiev crumbles into diamonds of lights and lulls you, promising a wonderful new day.

Total area:

292 m²

Kitchen area:

20 m²











Dressing rooms:


Parking spaces:






Plot area: